If the majority of homeowners understood the negative impacts clogged gutters can have on their home, they would probably be more proactive about cleaning them and not reactive.

Clogged gutters results in clogged downspouts that prevents water from draining properly. This major problem presents a host of smaller problems that can go undetectable for quite a while such as:
  • Damage to the foundation of the home due to water pouring out of the gutters and collecting around the walls
  • Soil erosion from over saturation
  • Damage to the wooden siding that supports the gutters
  • Possible mold growth inside the home

Routine maintenance on your gutters will save you time, money and prevent you from incurring home damage like this customer did. Don't wait for the debris to collect in your gutters before you take action.

The professionals at Integrity Pressure Cleaning are always a phone call away if this DIY fix is out of your set of skills. Call us for a free estimate at (813) 293-4077 or contact us here.

And remember, don't be a reactive homeowner, be proactive!