Having the right vendors set up for your association or property can go a long ways. In a sense, they are not only a representation of their company; they are a representation of you. The impression they leave behind, their performance and finished service many times reflects how well they were vetted prior to the job.

We know the phrase all too well, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Asking the right questions before contracting a vendor is a great place to begin. Start with the basics:

  • Ask for any current COIs from their insurance agent(s)
  • Are all of their employees covered under worker's comp?
  • Find out what specific codes they carry in their worker's comp policy
  • Do they have a proven track record?
  • How is their reputation with other managers?
  • Will your tenants/residents feel comfortable with them working in the community?
If it is a product:

  • Who's backing it?
  • Know every word and stipulation in the warranty
  • Has it been successful on other jobs?
  • What's their recourse if something goes wrong?
  • How long has it been in the market?
As a supervisor in the field, I've learned you can't eliminate every error on a job site but you can surely reduce them. At Integrity, we take all precautions necessary to make sure that our technicians do their job with excellence while protecting themselves and your community.

For more info on how Integrity can bring value to your community, please visit our website or contact me at (813) 732-2041 | Micah5683@gmail.com.