Paver Sanding & Sealing IN TAMPA, FL

Sanding and sealing your pavers is not only cosmetic, it's structural. If the sand is not sitting properly beneath and between your pavers, your pavers will NOT settle correctly. They then become susceptible to many harmful effects.
If you have hired someone to seal your pavers using a solvent acrylic sealer, it is not uncommon to see a white blush or several white spots appear on the substrate over time. After cleaning the pavers, you must wait several days for the moisture to dry up before applying this particular sealer. Many times the sealer is applied when the moisture has yet to fully evaporate, causing the infamous white spots to appear due to the trapped moisture. This is a time-consuming and expensive fix!
With our water-based sealer, SEAL ‘n Lock, the moisture is actually released during the curing process and it shines brighter on your pavers.
Don't fall for any contractor claiming to know how to sand and seal your pavers. Our technicians have the precision and skill it takes to properly clean, sand and seal. We sand and seal brick pavers, shellock, travertine and various kinds of stone.
Benefits of Sanding & Sealing with SEAL 'n Lock:
  • Prevents sand erosion
  • Keeps pavers from shifting
  • Prevents ants from colonizing
  • Increases longevity of pavers
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Enhances the natural beauty of the pavers
  • Blocks U.V rays that cause fading
  • Higher property values
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